Pursuant to the provisions of Directive 2019/1937 and other applicable regulations, this Whistleblower Channel is hereby created.

The purpose of the Whistleblower Channel is to receive, retain and process reports involving irregularities or non-compliance with regulations committed by employees or companies.

Scope of the complaints

Any potential irregularity or non-compliance related to bad financial, accounting, commercial or regulatory compliance practices committed by employees or companies of the Group may be reported.

Reporting a complaint

The reporting shall be made from the web page of GRUPO IGSA, or by sending an e-mail to denuncias@grupoigsa.es.

The complaints will be received by specialised personnel, who will guarantee their confidentiality.

Content of the complaint

The complaints received must contain the necessary data to enable the analysis of the reported facts. Thus, the communications received must meet at least the following requirements:

  • Clear and detailed statement of the facts.
  • Identification of the Company or Business Unit in which they have taken place.
  • Name and contact details of the complainant and his/her relationship with the Group to facilitate the analysis and follow-up of the complaint.
  • Identification of the persons involved with the reported behaviour or those who are aware of such behaviour.
  • The time at which the event occurred or has been occurring.
  • Quantification, if and when possible, of the impact of the reported event on the financial statements.
  • Provide, if deemed necessary, documents, files or other information deemed relevant for the evaluation and resolution of the complaint.